This blog features two warriors from two completely different eras, backgrounds and ranks. A Scottish sergeant who fought in the air, against Hitler, and an English general who fought on the ground, against Napolean.

The first of these warriors was my late uncle a veteran of The Second World War, RAF Bomber Command and the infamous Dresden raid, later to become an artist and eventually a gallery attendant at the National Gallery in London. The second: The Duke of Wellington, a veteran of many battles, most famously the Battle Of Waterloo, and Napoleon’s nemesis.

Their common ground: a famous portrait, by Goya, of that second warrior; the Duke of Wellington. A portrait that was stolen from the National Gallery in 1961, ransomed and returned some four years later in 1965.

This was the only picture ever to have been stolen from the National Gallery and one of the most famous and bizarre art thefts ever.

The purpose of this blog is to add to this history by dealing with some ‘unfinished’ business from fifty years ago.

Be warned! This may well escalate this whole affair from the bizarre to the… well best I let you decide!