‘Query not that I have the Goya. It has a stick label on back saying F le gallais & Son. Depositories. Jersey. Name Duke of Leeds. Date 22.8.58 no 2. It has cross ribs each way (Back) The act is an attempt to pick the pockets of those who love art more than charity. The picture is not damaged apart from a couple of scratches at side. Actual portrait perfect. The picture is not, will not be for sale – it is for ransom – £140,000 – to be given to charity. If a fund is started – it should be quickly made up, and on the promise of a free pardon for the culprits – the picture will be handed back. None of the group concerned in this escapade have any criminal convections. All good people are urged to give, and help this affair to a speedy conclusion.’

See 2nd Ransom Note.