‘Goya’s Wellington is safe. I have looked upon this affair as an adventurous prank – must the authoritys refuse to see it this way. I know now that I am in the wrong, but I have gone too far to retreat. Liberty was risked in what I mistakenly thought was a magnificent gesture – all to no purpose so far, and I feel the time has come to make a final effort. I propose to return the painting anonymously if the following plan is agreed. The portrait to be put on private exhibition at 5/-? View fee for 1 month, after which it would be returned to the gallery. A collection box to be placed at side of picture for good people to give if so inclined. The effort to be conducted on a voluntary basis by Mr Hendee-Wheeler [Sir Philip Hendy, Director of the National Gallery, and Sir Charles Wheeler, P.R.A The President] or others having facilities for same. The affair to be a true charity, and all moneys collected, minus nothing for expenses, given to the place I name – a committee of 5 may redirect if they so wish. The matter to end there – no persecutions – no police enquiries as to who has committed this aweful deed. I feel that many helpers would give their services free for such an exhibition, and that this troublesome episode can end on a happy note. I do not think the authoritys need fear the feat being emulated by others – the risk is great – the material reward nil.’

See 5th Ransom Note