If That’s A Goya I’m A Virgin!

This ebook brings together material from this blog and entertains and explores the outrageous – even scandalous – idea that the Duke of Wellington’s portrait, stolen from the National Gallery in London in 1961 and returned in 1965, may be a copy of the original picture purchased for the nation in 1961!

Also revealed is the name of a former National Gallery Attendant, a veteran of RAF Bomber Command, a student of the Glasgow School of Art and the clues and evidence that potentially links him to Kempton Bunton, the theft, ransom and return of the Duke of Wellington’s portrait.

A short biography of this ‘Ex-gallery Attendant’ is provided together with an introduction to a lost book manuscript written by him in the mid-1960s. The book is called ‘The Toilet Of Venus’ and was given to me in 1985 just before he died.

‘The Toilet Of Venus ‘ is part fact and part fiction and involves the copying and theft of the Duke’s portrait from the National Gallery in 1961. The book is about 85,000 words.

Also included is a sample of the text from the ‘Toilet Of Venus’. This is included as evidence of his possible involvement in this famous, yet bizarre, art theft and to support the suggestion that the original picture, stolen in 1961, may have been replaced by a copy.

See a synopsis of The Toilet Of Venus.